Shlokas - for Goenkans

Studies have shown that chanting shlokas helps to improve concentration and memory power in children. That’s because shlokas emit vibrations that activate the chakras (on the face and head) that play a role in learning and focus.

Continents and Countries- For Goenkans from Nursery to Higher Grades

Geography helps students learn about the world Knowing something about where places are and what they are like is important.

Studying Continents can provide an individual with a holistic understanding of our planet and its systems.

Geography has been called "the mother of all sciences," it was one of the first fields of study and academic disciplines

Developed as humans sought to find out what was on the other side of the mountain or across the sea. Exploration led to the discovery of our planet and its amazing resources.

Geography is a fascinating discipline that combines knowledge of many fields to help young minds better understand this amazing planet.

Diwali Celebrations- Diwali is not just a festival its a complete personality transformation

True meaning of the festival of lights and the key values we get from Diwali were explained to Goenkans, so that they grow up as well-rounded individuals Lord Rama won over evil with discipline, humility, tolerance, divinity and righteousness.

Discipline through Diwali

Diwali usually starts with the Brahmamuhurta (roughly one-and-a-half hours before sunrise) and that’s usually around 4:00 a.m. This early wake-up is considered to be the first step to a disciplined life and is symbolic of mental and spiritual awakening.


Diwali marks the victory of Lord Krishna over the evil demon Narakashura. This symbolises the victory of good over evil. Our Kids were encouraged to do at least one good deed every day. It could relate to helping you in household chores, being obedient or always speaking the truth.


Divinity is the source of happiness. According to Swami Vivekananda, “Each soul is potentially divine. The goal is to manifest the divinity within you.” Lighting earthen lamps is a symbolic representation of kindling the divinity within us by lighting the lamp of knowledge to drive away the darkness of ignorance.


Lord Rama is the perfect example of how important it is to be humble and gentle. That is why he was known as ‘Maryada Purushottam’ (Lord of Virtue). Little Goenkan hearts were taught the importance and the beauty of the three Golden words, humble and polite expressions like, ‘Excuse me’, ‘Please’ and ‘Sorry

Children’s Day celebrations

Every year, on November 14 India celebrates Children’s Day. The programs aim to celebrate the spirit of childhood in a fun-filled and stress-free environment. This year special Story Telling session- By Mrs Kirti Narang ( Mrs World – A renowned storyteller) was organized for our little ones.

Experiments- Goenkans learn through self observation and self analysis

Students predict how changing the experiment will change the outcomes; Students compare experimental results to classroom theories and use them to confirm or critique the theories. This practice of learning continued for online classes as well.

Health Online- “Sit Less Move More”.. was practiced online as well

Health benefits of exercise
Exercise can be anything that makes children’s breathing faster and their heart beat quicker. Sitting less and exercising for 20 minutes a day (not necessarily all in one go) has many health benefits for children:

Geography helps students learn about the world Knowing something about where places are and what they are like is important.

They will develop healthy heart and lungs.

Their coordination, strength and muscle control will improve.

They will maintain a healthy body weight.

Their body will become more flexible.

Their balance and posture will improve.

Their brain will develop vital connections, leading to improved concentration and thinking skills.

They are less likely to develop chronic diseases, such as heart disease and type 2 diabetes.